• Geraint

    The leader of the dragon slayers

    “A step from each of you will lead the people who come after.”

    He appeared one day out of nowhere and led others to counter the black dragon. He wasn’t only skilled in swordsmanship but also heraldry and magic. However, the heroes were shocked when they discovered the unexpected true nature of Geraint.

  • Velskud

    Young knight from Saint Haven

    “I’m only following the justice that I believe in.”

    Velskud hailed from a minor noble family and joined the Saint Haven’s Royal Knight at a young age. Due to his excellent swordsmanship, he quickly rose up the ranks and earned the position of captain of the Saint Haven’s Royal Knights. It is told that he sacrificed himself at the black dragon raid.

  • Barnac

    Leader of Warriors

    “Let the battle begin!”

    Barnac is a warrior hero who led a group of warriors and participated in the Black Dragon Raid. Today’s Adventurers Guild is made from his warrior group. He is impetuous but also upright. But no one knows where he went after the black dragon raid.

  • Nerwin

    Leader of Silver Crescent

    “My Telezia calls me.”

    She was a special emissary from Anu Arendel. Nerwin contributed to the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the elven and human kingdoms. After The Dragon Raid, she returned home and became their queen and gained her new name Narsillia.

  • Teramai

    Leader of the Temple knights

    “What we need now is judgment, not mercy.”

    Teramai met Geraint in Saint Haven by chance. He was very impressed by Geraint and decided to participate in the Dragon Raid with the Temple knights. People say he was the youngest person to have been raised to papacy after the dragon raid.

  • Karacule

    Leader of the Dark Tower Magicians

    “I’ll teach you guys a lesson.”

    Karacule met Archer Nerwin at Lotus Marsh and came to Saint Haven. When she participated in the Dragon Raid with other sorceresses from the dark tower magic institute, she was the bravest of all. However, these days she is only found in her laboratory. No one knows why she isolates herself from others.