• Rose

    The Girl of Destiny
    “Darkness is coming.”

    The Girl of destiny. Rose is the true descendant of the ancients. She possesses the ability to use all of the power contained within the ancients’ ruins. This might become unfortunate for her.

  • Guard Timothy

    Young man from Prairie Town
    “P, Please save Ro, Rose.”

    Timothy always had a big crush on Rose. Since he was a kid, every kid in town, except for Rose, would tease him about his stuttering. When Rose was kidnapped, he risked his life to rescue her.

  • Cleric Cedric

    Young Cleric who stands by the Pope
    “Please find the halidom for me.”

    Cleric Cedric brings the halidom secretely to Mana Ridge following instruction from the pope. But on his way, he was injured from a monsters attack and lost the halidom. He says it is very important and begs you to find it.

  • Cleric Jake

    Member of Temple knights
    “You are the only one who can prove yourself.”

    He descends from a noble family but is discriminated by his brethren, because of his commoner mother. He is always friendly and kind to someone who shares a similar story with him.

  • Grandpa Goblin

    A grandfather whose only concern are his grandchildren. He insists that although he stole some chickens, he never harmed people. He is looking for someone who can rescue his grandchildren.

  • Argenta

    Strange woman
    “I can never understand human beings.”

    She is the astonishingly beautiful woman in the red hood, but bad-tempered and selfish at the same time. Argenta seems like she always ignores others’ opinions and insists on her own way. But in the end she is always right. That is the reason why she is always mysterious.

  • Lena

    Noble lady from Saint Haven
    “Don’t let the appearance fool you.”

    She is the only daughter of General Douglas. Her stubborn and gaily character makes everyone near her get in trouble. But as a matter of fact, she was adopted as an orphan by Douglas when she was young.

  • White Rose knight

    Mysterious knight
    “If the law doesn’t judge the sinners, I’ll do it.”

    Mysterious criminal. She is notorious for kidnapping nobles and stealing from them. But it looks like this criminal has a different purpose.

  • Orc Kim

    The son of ‘Typhoon Kim’
    “I’ll be a great warrior like my father!”

    He is a strange orc with an eye patch. People say that the eye patch isn’t real and he only tries to resemble his father.

  • David

    Your Rival
    “You didn’t know who I was? What a bumpkin.”

    He considers himself the best bounty hunter. He tries to catch monsters near Saint Haven and get the reward, but you are always one step ahead him. Finally, David involves himself in a dangerous mission, wanting to prove himself.