The Sea Dragon was actually once a vile sea monster named Serpentra.
Created in ages past by the powerful ancients from magical experiments to forge the ultimate war machine – their very own Dragon.
However, it was deemed a failure and they sealed Serpentra away to a forsaken island where it was to be imprisoned forever…
In a cruel twist of fate,
Serpentra was released, and somehow managed to transform into a terrifying Sea Dragon – it’s fearsome power and bloodlust ever growing…


The Sea Dragon Nest is situated in Hermalte Port, which is accessible from either Saint haven or the Foothills of Black Mountain…

Admission Criteria

  • Level Requirements
    Lvl 40
  • Entry Requirements
    [Water Dragon Scales] – Normal Mode

    To gain entry into the Sea Dragon Nest, a [Water Dragon Scales] is required.

    The item will be consumed upon entry.
    Players may obtain [Water Dragon Scales] from gold chests that appear upon conquering the Manticore and Apocalypse Nest Hell Mode

Featured Monsters

  • Boss: Serpentra, the Sea Dragon
  • Sub-Boss:
    Mountain Golem, Lizardman Bros, Scout Captain Norbak, Revived Kalkari, Lava Golem, Rotting One-Eyed Orc
  • Notable Monsters:
    Adjutant Norawoo, Moss Ghoul, Spitflower, Dark Follower, Dark Elf Ninja, Kobold Sniper, Boar Gunman, Poison Hook