In the Foothills of Black Mountain, there lies a fearsome beast unlike any other – The massive three-headed hellhound Cerberus.
If you think allowing such a hellish monster to roam the world freely is just madness,
then venture deep into the beast’s lair and put an end to it! Good luck though…you’ll need it.
Cerberus Nest features an additional ‘Hell Mode’ for those who love to punish themselves with extreme levels of difficulty. As if it wasn’t already hard enough!


Cerberus Nest is situated in the Foothills of Black Mountain, which is accessible from either Saint Haven or Hermalte Port.

Admission Criteria

  • Level Requirements
    Lvl 32
  • Entry Requirements
    [Dark Overlord Heraldry] – Normal Mode
    [Dark Overlord Amulet] – Hell Mode

    To gain entry into the Cerberus Nest, either a [Dark Overlord Heraldry] or a [Dark Overlord Amulet] is required for Normal & Hell mode respectively. These items will be consumed upon entry.

    Players may obtain [Dark Overlord Heraldry] and [Dark Overlord Amulet] from Dimensional Rabbit Boxes that appear in Abyss difficulty dungeons in the Saint Haven region.

Featured Monsters

  • Boss: Cerberus Kakalri
  • Sub-Boss :
    Crow Hobgoblin, Brethren Summoner, Ogre Commander and Ogre Slave
  • Notable Monsters :
    Minotaur Commander, Orc Commander, Goblin Technician, Kobold Ninja