To form a Guild, the Guild Leader must visit and pay a 1 Gold fee to Guild Master Deckard in Calderock Village.
A newly formed guild may take in up to 20 members. As your guild level increases, more members will be allowed in.

Joining a Guild

To join a Guild, players need to look for the respective Guild Leader or any members of the Guild for an invite.
Alternatively, any Guild members can also send an invitation to a player by entering his/her name in the Social Panel menu, or by right-clicking the targeted player’s character, which will open up an ‘Invite’ option.

Ranks within a Guild

There is a pre-determined sets of ranks within a Guild in Dragon Nest Europe, namely: the Leader, Veteran, Senior Guild Member, Member, Recruits. Only the Leader can promote a Guild member’s rank, and is also the only person who can expel another member. All members are allowed to create and edit their own profile in the Guild’s page while the Leader is able to set permissions within the following:

– Guild’s announcement page
– Membership invitations
– Guild’s storage

Guild Management

For further guild management, Guild Masters must go to Adventurer’s Guild Master NPCs in various towns to access the following functions:

– Guild Expansion
– Guild Emblem (Creation/Modification)
– Guild Disbandment
– Checking of Guild Points

Guild Withdrawal

Players can leave a guild by selecting the ‘Withdrawing from Guild’ option located in the Guild menu.(The guild menu can be accessed by opening the Community menu and selecting the guild tab.)
Guild Masters must appoint a new leader before they themselves can withdraw from the guild.
Players must note that their personal records will be cleared upon leaving the guild.