• Creation of the World

    Desmodeus, ruler of the Gods, ordered two goddesses, Althea and Vestinel to create the world. Althea created the bright, beautiful world of Althea as well as its residents: the dragons, the ancients, the elves, and the humans. She also created the ancient dragon and the chaos dragon to support her.

    Nightmare of the Goddess

    Desmodeus was very pleased with the world Althea. Vestinel quickly became jealous and poisoned her sister Althea with the Poison of corruption; a poison so potent it can destroy a goddesses’ soul. Desmodeus saved Althea by letting her fall into deep sleep. Meanwhile, Vestinel fled to where Desmodeus’ power could not reach her.

  • The Ancients’ War

    As Vestinel’s corruption seeped into Althea, so too did it spread into the world of Althea. The ancient people became selfish and greedy. Some of them even started performing forbidden magic in order to get the power of the goddess. It made the nature of althea contaminated and elves fell sick or died. Finally war broke out between both factions.

    Appearance of the Beyond dragon and the death of the ancient dragons

    The ancients’ forbidden experiments resulted in the collapse of althea’s barrier. The evil Beyond dragon broke into althea and started to destroy the world. The Ancient and Chaos dragons tried their best to stop him. However, the Chaos dragon was contaminated during the battle. Although he knew they were connected, the Ancient dragon decided to get rid of the Chaos dragon to save Althea. Although two dragons disappeared from Alcheringa, the fragments of their power remained and as time passed, new dragons were born from these.

  • The appearance of the sage

    Although the ancients suffered from the Beyond dragon, the war continued. The evil ancients created the ‘black dragon’ as weapon of war from the dragon fragments. However, it became too strong and went out of control. The ancients’ power declined and Althea plunged into a state of desperation and danger
    One day, a sage came to the humans city. He introduced himself as a descendant of the ancients and claimed to have received a divine revelation from the goddess. He taught Marion and Jacob magic, so that humans could protect themselves with spells.

    The Death and prophecy of the sage

    The humans’ knowledge of magic became stronger as days went by. The black dragon didn’t like it and tried killing the sage. In the battle, the sage inflicted a severe injury on the black dragon, forcing him to hide and recover in secret. Despite the sage having been victorious he passed away after the battle.
    Before he died, he predicted 3 things would happen. There would be a conflict between two of his pupils, the age of darkness would dawn upon everyone and lastly he predicted the appearance of the ‘Prophet’. He said the Prophet will appear during the age of darkness and she is the genuine descendant of ancients.

  • The resurgence of the black dragon

    The Black dragon had to hide for a very long time while recovering from his wound. But as soon as it healed, he resumed spreading his dark power again. The world faced another crisis. Although humans tried to survive and carry on, the threat of the black dragon rose day by day.

    The First Dragon Raid

    Elves started to re-establish diplomatic relations with the human kingdom, in order to save the world. Archer Nerwin, Sorceress Karacule, Warrior Barnac, Cleric Teramai and Loyal knight Velskud became leaders of the dragon slayers. Amongst them there was also a knight with outstanding skills and looks, known as Geraint.
    They participated in the black dragon raid and finally knocked him down. Unfortunately, Velskud died in the battle, Nerwin and Karacule suffered from the aftereffect and could never fully recover. Meanwhile, Teramai went back to Saint Haven and the Dragon Slayer’s members were all scattered.
    Regardless, the legend of the first dragon raid is still being told up to this day. Many adventurers dream about the heroes and poets dream about the legendary tale.

  • The Birth Star and the First Star

    About 10 years ago, a twinkling star rose from the northern sky. The appearance of the star meant the ‘Prophet’ had been born. At the same time in the northern part of the continent, a family left home heading far away, in order to avoid monsters and village people. It is not known where the family went.
    But recently, the second star that sage talked about also rose from the sky. It was the ‘First star’. People who had heard about the sages’ prediction expected the prophet to rise and save the world. But to the contrary, monsters became more brutal and vicious. People shivered from fear and a group of clerics secretly left for Mana Ridge.